Terms & Conditions

The term of this Service Order, as set forth above in the "Service Details" section (the "Term"), shall commence on the date Client's ordered Services are installed and available for use by Client.

When using Holinova’s services (the “Service” or “Services”), or network (“Network”) and any products or content Client must comply with all applicable laws, and the policies, rules and limits including Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) which are available on the website, www.holinova.com. The AUP complement and is incorporated to Holinova’s Terms of Service (“TOS”) which accompanies the AUP. Client is liable for any misuse of the Services, by you or by any other person with access to the Services through your account. Therefore, Client must take steps to ensure that others do not gain unauthorized access to the Services through any means. Please confirm that you have carefully read all Holinova’s "Legal policy" before you make the payment. Client shall be deemed to have agreed to the statement upon the payment received.

If Client is in default of any of its obligations under the Policy, then HOLINOVA may in its sole discretion disconnect the Equipment and suspend the Services without notice to the Client. In the event that any payment remains unpaid for (7) calendar days or more, HOLINOVA in its sole discretion, has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement without notice. Limitation of Liability: Client acknowledges that the limit of HOLINOVA’s liability in Agreement, tort (including negligence) or by statute or otherwise to Client (or its clients) concerning performance or non-performance in any manner related to this Agreement, for any and all claims will not, in the aggregate, exceed the total fees paid by Client to HOLINOVA under this Agreement in the immediately preceding one month from the date the claim arose. In no event will HOLINOVA be liable for any lost profits, special, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages. Client further agrees not to advance any claim against any third party who might claim contribution or indemnity from HOLINOVA. Client acknowledges that this limitation of liability and waiver of damages is a material term of this Agreement and that HOLINOVA would not enter into this Agreement in the absence of this waiver.

Each of Client and Holinova hereby consents to the execution of this Service Order by electronic means and agrees that any such signature shall be deemed an original for all purposes hereunder.